Water Ripples Projector

The LED Water Ripples Light is as described on the product description page. This arrived boxed containing the wave projector, remote, tripod, remote and instructions. With the remote you are able to speed up the waves as well as change their color. This can be mounted to the ceiling, wall or used with the built in metal stand on a table. It also has an adjustable tripod to use when hanging from a wall to adjust the light toward where you want it displayed. It would be fun for a sleepover, party, holiday or celebration to illuminate the waves onto the ceiling, wall or floor. I think this would be beautiful shining behind or on some Christmas trees and even the metallic trees. I plan on using it for Halloween (purple or green) and I will take pictures of it and post. I am only giving it 4 stars because of the short length of the power cord. It doesn’t address the use of extension cords with this lamp, but I will have to use an extension cord both inside and outside at my house. The instructions state not to avoid contact with water. I can think of all sorts of creative ways to use this projector with all the color choices. You can even hook up music to it, but I have yet to figure that out. Hopefully by Halloween I can have that hooked up to for some spooktacular sounds to go with the waves. I received this wave light projector for free in exchange for my review.


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