Jumbo Vacuum Sealer Bags


The Set of 2 Jumbo Vacuum Sealer Bags are as described on the product description page. These are huge storage bags that you stuff full of bedding, towels, out of season clothing and coats. You can safely store all sorts of items that you need to keep dust free, insect free, clean and free from moisture. The instructions for usage are not in English. This doesn’t pose a problem for me because I have used many vacuum storage bags. You just put the items in the bag, seal the zip lock top and use the hose vacuum to suck out air. With the jumbo sized bags you need a big closet, attic, basement or storage under the bed. These are JUMBO sized! I love using this type of bag to increase my storage by ¾ the normal storage space. I love that these are clear on one side so that the stored vacuumed sealed items are visible and easily identifiable. I received these 2 Jumbo sized bags at a discount in exchange for my review.


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