Beautifully Boxed Silicone Spatula Set


The 3 red spatulas by LouisChoice are as described on the product description page except that I happen to get a box that was not packed correctly. I received 2 of the same larger spatulas and they are suppose to be different. The seller was contacted and they are sending me the replaceable spatula. Not that big of a deal, but the item didn’t match the product description. The 3 spatulas arrived individually wrapped and inside a beautiful black box with red writing. I am impressed with the marketing of these silicone spatulas. There are 2 large silicone spatulas and 1smaller one. I love that these are one continuous piece of silicone. Nothing to take off or remove before washing after use. These 3 silicone spatulas are heat resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. These have a hole in the handle for those that like to hang their cooking utensils for easy access. These are dishwasher safe too. I love the red colors which match my décor. This would make a lovely gift. One can’t have enough heat resistant cooking spatulas. I received this at a discount in exchange for my review.


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