FREEGO Flamingo Bluetooth Sport Headset

The FREEGO Flamingo Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headset is as described on the product description page. These came in a small box containing the sports ear bud headset, USB charger and an extra set of bud covers. The first thing I did after unboxing the head set was to charge it from my computer USB port. It can also be charged with an adaptor that plugs into the wall (not included). An orange light illuminated when I plugged it in and turned them on. They were easy to pair with my iPhone 6 Plus too. Only 3 control buttons. Volume up/forward, on-off/pairing/pause/re-start/phone and volume down/back buttons which are easily accessible on the right earpiece. USB charging port too. These have voice demands such as power off, power on, connected, disconnected, etc. With the multifunction middle button you are able to answer a call, end a call, reject a call or dial the last number. I haven’t figured out the voice call yet.

Now on to the fit. I have several of the wireless headphones from Mpow and love how comfortable they are. Not so much love for the semi rigid sports band across my neck with these. Each time I put them on they get easier. Soon should be an easy habit. Once I get them on I love them. I just have never had this type of semi-rigid sports strap and they are taking me some time to love.

I love the sound on these. I have used them outside while tending to gardening and also inside. If you get too far away from the Bluetooth source they stop, but no problem if you have the Bluetooth in your pocket on inside a running belt. These would make a wonderful gift for those who love music and ear buds. They are easy to use once you figure out how to put them on comfortably. Last night I used these in my hot tub for a long time. I had my phone sitting on a patio table and I was using the sports headset while sitting in the hot tub. So relaxing.

I have only have had two phone call while using these. I missed the first one and the second one was the fault of my own. I forgot to power off and disconnect from Bluetooth and had my phone with me and the set in the other room. I know it will get easier to use the multipurpose button for phone calls with practice. If you know of someone whom loves to exercise or loves music, these would make a perfect Bluetooth Headset present. I received these at a discount for my review.




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