Mini Mortar and Pestle by Kwik Kitchen

The Mini Mortar and Pestle from Kwik Kitchen is as described on the product description page. This came nicely boxed and protected making it perfect for gift giving. This is a ceramic mortar and pestle with a silicone base and silicon pestle handle. It has a glazed exterior and partially top glazed interior. The area where you bush and grind is unfinished. I hope it is lead free ceramic. Both are removable for cleaning. They are dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven safe. I would never put mine in any of those places that I can think of. I will treat it like my cast iron pans, water only. I will wash it with water to remove any particles and oils.

The mortar and pestle has so much more to offer than a food processor, blender or bullet which chops food. With a mortar and pestle you are able to bush and muddle all sorts of ingredient to your liking. This is great to grind garlic, peppercorn or whole herbs and spices. It can even be used at the table to mash and grind table food for the baby. You can even crush and grind certain pills if suggested and required. It does require a little more time and energy but so worth it with much less clean up with the small mortar and pestle. I received this mini mortar and pestle at a discount in exchange for my review.



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