Holiday Projector by VicTsing


The Holiday Projector by VicTsing is as described on the product description page. It came nicely packaging containing the light with attached electrical cord, base and spike. I will save to box to store the laser light in when it is not in use. This holiday projector really is out of the box ready to creative a festive atmosphere. It has a built in sensor that enables the lights to go on at dusk and off at dawn. There is also a timer control where the lights will go off after 6 hours which is my preferred method. It can also be manually set to create the lighting effect that you desire. It is basically green, red, combo green and red all on constant light or flashing.

I like all of the dots. This light is really amazing. The further away you aim it, the cooler the light. The photos I put up were the from the patio table shooting up at the umbrella. So pretty. I also angled the beam towards the trees. I really shines all the way across the cove to our neighbors house. It is amazing. With the color choice of red and green or the combination of both there are many holidays where this will come in handy in some sort of creative fashion. Looks cool in the whole room as well as on the whole side of the house, trees, etc. My favorite is the accent lighting shooting up to the umbrella. I received this holiday projector for free in exchange for my review.


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