Sports Interchangeable Lens Glasses


The grey and silver sunglasses are as described on the product description page. These arrived in a zippered case containing the sunglasses, 4 removable lens, little spare pare for prescription glasses if needed and adjustable lanyard. These glasses didn’t have instructions for changing out the lens. After a few email back and forth with the seller, I was provided instructions as well as a YouTube video. Those were very helpful.

These glasses come with a detachable frame for those that wear glasses and want to have their prescription permanently installed into the frame to use them as prescriptive sunglasses and night glasses. Pretty ingenious to come up with that bonus. I took mine off, since my husband and I don’t wear prescriptive glasses, only readers.

I do like the padded nose and ear piece on these glasses. I think these sit a little high and don’t come down enough on the front, exposing the eye to wind and sun. My husband thinks they are perfect because the sun comes from above and he loves these. He has been wearing the polarized dark lens to his construction job site. He loves the ventilation and how these don’t fog up in our humid Midwest summer. He also likes the convenience that the lanyard provides when reading blueprints. I love that his eyes are totally protected while working outside. He hasn’t had the opportunity to use the other lens, but is thrilled that the option is there when needed. I am deducting one star only because I had to ask for instructions. So far these appear to be a sturdy pair of sunglass because of the properties of the materials they are made from. Great pair of sunglasses that can be used many ways. I received these for free in exchange for my review.


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