Motion Sensor Lights by Syolee

The Syolee 3 package motion sensor lights are as described on the product description page. They came nicely boxed containing the 3 pack of battery operated motion lights, 3 magnetic disc and 3 3M circles of double sided mounting tape. These magnetic lights are compact and super sensitive to motion. They can pick up motion from 10 feet away. They are powered with 3 AAA batteries (not included)

These would be appropriate in many areas around the home. I have several places that I tried these lights inside my home. I put one on my freezer in my husbands work area, one in my pantry and still testing one that I put under my cabinet in the kitchen area. I love how they detect motion and how they automatically go off after around 20 seconds of no motion.

These are really cool and I will purchase more for myself and other family members after I have tested them more for battery life. These come with a one year guarantee. Everyone has a dark place someplace in their home so these are perfect as a gift or stocking stuffers. I received this box of 3 motion sensor lights at a discount in exchange for my review.

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