So Many Uses For This Device

The Wake-up Light is as described on the product description page. The device came protected and boxed containing the device itself, instructions, USB power cord and USB power adapter. The 47 inch USB cord is fairly short for something like this. It also require 3 AAA batteries which are not included. This is not the most user friendly device to set up the first time. There are some mode buttons on the back that required me to look at the directions several times when setting the time on this device. It has both 24 hour military or 12 hour civilian time displays. There is an alarm and FM radio also with this light.

I am most impressed with the 5 lights on this multipurpose light. The white light can be increased or decreased with touching the light. You also have the choice to set mood lighting on this. The mood lights are set at one display, no toggling for lightness or darkness of the color. You are able to select green, red, blue and violet as well as the adjustable white light. The alarm function on this is pretty awesome. It has preset nature recordings as well as an FM radio.

I love everything about this light except the USB power cord. The length limits where it can be plugged in without extension cords and be placed where the wake up light will benefit the sleeper. I received this Wake Up Light for free in exchange for my review.


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