Indoor Amplifier Booster Antenna With A 50 Mile Range


The indoor amplifier booster antenna is as described on the product description page. It took only a few minutes to install. I am still looking for a good location to permanently mount it for the best reception. My husband said it wouldn’t work in my office which is concrete on two walls. I do have a window well and currently have it taped next to it. With the location of my mounted television, the 10 foot cable is a little short right now, the wires are draping across the room and not currently mounted and around 2 corners. I will probably move it to another guest room so that guest can at least get local channels for current news and stations.

I am please with the way this amplifier booster was able to pick up 24 memorized channels in my basement concrete room. I bet it will pick up even more in the guest room. I was only able to connect the coaxial cable to the back of my TV in my office. This also has a USB cable that can be plugged in using a power adapter (not included) or plug it directly in the back of the TV USB port. I don’t have any of those type of ports on my television, so I am only getting reception from the coaxial cable. I still get an occasional message about reception that pops up on my screen on certain channels. I think it is just missing the signal somehow, because it will be working fine for a long time before the message pops up and then reception occurs again.

So far with only testing in the basement I am pleased at how I get reception for 5 of our local channel in the Greater Kansas City, Missouri Area. Only one local channel has interrupted with signal message, others have picture of sound issues. I love that this is very slim and can be hidden out of view. I received this indoor amplifier booster antenna for free for my testing and evaluation, in exchange for my review.

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