NEVER BUY ANOTHER DRY BRUSH AGAIN. Sandalwood Hair Brush by pureGLO, so much more than an ordinary pin brush.

The PureGlow Hair brush is as described on the product description page. This brush is handmade. The handle, body and brush pins are made from Green Sandalwood. I am so impressed with this brush. I love using holistic products and this green sandalwood oils and aroma provide a sedating effect in Chinese Medicine. It is suppose to bring calm and peace from the wood of life green sandalwood oils released when using this brush. Who can’t use a little calming with their moods? I love the smell that is emitted from this brush. It is a sweet smell.

The care instructions for this brush say to never get it wet or use with wet hair. This is a dry hair styling brush only. Great to use during dry styling or to brush your hair before bed. Since the sandalwood brush does have a sedating attributes it is perfect for evening brushing. This sandalwood brush by PureGlo would make a thoughtful gift that will last a lifetime. I received this PureGlow Hair Brush for free for my review and evaluation.


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