Acacia Wood Magnetic Strip


The Acacia Wood Magnetic Strip is as described on the product description page. This wood grain is beautiful and the color of this strip is a like a beautiful honey color. The strip is 14 inches with about 12 of those inches that have a medium strength magnet. About the first inch of the strip on both ends is not magnetized. The back has precut hanging holes. This came with 2 mounting screws and 2 plastic mollies. I plan on gifting this to my niece as a housewarming present. There are so many different places where she can use this in her new home. It can be used with jewelry, bobbins, grooming tools, shop tools, hair pins and spice jars. It can be used with anything that is magnetic or that you can attach a magnet to and get organized in no time. This can be mounted for use in any room. I can think of various uses in the dressing area, sewing room, shop, garage, kitchen bathroom, entryway and mudroom. It can even be mounted vertically, horizontally and even under cabinets. It will be handy and convenient for all intended uses. This will make a beautiful gift or housewarming gift. I used my favorite knives for my review video, but the possibilities are endless. I received this Acacia Wood Magnetic Knife Strip at a discount for my review.


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