3 in 1 Solar Spotlight

The 3 in 1 Solar Spotlight from Sogrand is as described on the product description page. This spotlight is a SOLAR rechargeable battery that runs off of a one AAA rechargeable battery. It arrive nicely protected and boxed containing the spotlight, mounting clamps and screws, ground spike and instructions. The one I received didn’t contain the film over the solar panel. There is an on off button on the bottom of the solar panel. I turned mine to on, so it would light at dusk and illuminate my flag. If you have a flag, statuary or any prized planting that you want lit at night, rechargeable solar spotlights are great and you don’t have any wires in the way. I have used the spike solar mounts before and they did illuminate my flag as much as I wanted but the apparatus with all of its wires actually was a pain to mow around and I just didn’t like it in the ground. My husband did the actual install of the metal band holder for the light. I have had this spotlight on my 24 foot flag pole for several nights and thought it wasn’t really illuminating very well, so I actually walked down by the lake to take the video illuminating up from the ground to show you how much light was shining on the flag. I love that this light is adjustable, solar powered, has good metal clamps to hold it tightly in place and that it has a replaceable rechargeable battery. I will update as to how this light handles the extreme weather conditions here in the Midwest United States and if the illumination changes when I change out the battery. I received this for free in exchange for my review.

Available:     https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01E8FEKG2

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