Vera Shoulder Bag

The Vera Red Stripe Bag is as described on the product description page. This is a large shoulder bag, perfect to take to the lake, pool, beach or water park. I love the nautical look of this bag. It is so cute with the red and white striped canvas fabric and twisted rope for its carrying handles. The handles are knotted after threading into silver metal grommets. The inside of the bag is lined and contains one sewn on pocket for easier access to items. There is a nice long nylon zipper closure with a large metal pull. The top stop of the zipper doesn’t show because it is sewn in between the outside canvas and the lining. The bag had a bad smell when I first took it out of its cellophane wrap. I unzipped it and hung it on a doorknob to air out a few days. Smell is gone now. I love this bag and love the history of the designer Vera Neumann. There is a hangtag on the handle when you unwrap to read about her philosophy and vision of art. I received this Vera bag for free in exchange for my review.


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