The UnicGlam Nail Nippers are as described on the product description page. These are professional grade stainless steel nippers. The blades are extremely sharp and the handles are non-slip. They are super easy to wash and sanitize. They are also extremely very sharp. I gave my last set of nippers to my adult son because he dropped a weight on his toe years ago and ruined it. I like having these nippers to get in the corners of my toenails and fingernail for those little hang nails. They also cut right through my toenails. The cutting blade is about a half of an inch. Plenty big for clipping two or three times and then trimming to perfection. These make getting the corners and hang nails easy too. They have a spring loaded lever that holds the trimmer open while in use. It then closes for storage. Everyone should have a good pair of nippers for their nails. Just wash, dry and sanitize for the next use. They have a protective cover for the sharp blades during storage. I received these at a discount for my honest review.


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