Adjustable Skirt/Slacks Hangers by Make Your Life Easier

The 12 Skirt/slacks hangers are as described on the product description page. I was at a department store last week purchasing several slacks for a birthday present and I asked the clerk to please leave the hanger. I have certain clothes that have elastic or spandex and they need to be air dried to preserve their elasticity. This adjustable clamp style hanger is perfect for so many things. The metal clamps have plastic on the inside to help protect materials that might snag. I will still be extra careful when clipping my items to this type of metal clamp. The clamps slide along the hanger for the smallest of items to ones that can be clamped 14 inches apart. The hanger has a swivel hook which allows for movement when drying outside or to hang over the top of a door or rack when assembling outfits. The metal and plastic parts are a little noisy, reminding me when I worked in a department store when I was a teenager. Plastic and metal are going to make a little bit of a noise. I really needed these for my clothing. They can be used for scarves, skirts, pants or just about anything you would hang. I received the box of a dozen clamp hangers for free in exchange for my review.


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