Illuminate Dial and LED Display Ozeri Scales

The Ozeri Scales are as described on the product description page. These scales came nicely boxed containing the scales, batteries and instructions. These weight up to 400 pounds and are re-calibrated when they are moved. These have a typical dial as well as a digital readout. I love that they light up when you step on them. I also like that it weighs in ounces. On the bottom of the scale there is a switch to turn on a daily alarm to remind you to weigh the same time each day. I will not use the alarm, because I have always weighed myself first thing in the morning. There is also a switch to change the scales to read metric if that is your preference. These do not keep track of previous weights (some of the Ozeri scales do), so you will need pencil and paper if you keep close track of weight for gaining or loosing pounds/ounces. The Ozeri scales are slim and sleek in design with a large illuminated dial and digital LED display. These scales tested to be accurate to within 1 ½ pounds depending on the foot placement. It needs to be as close to the previous stance.

I really prefer the other Ozeri Scale I own, the ZB200 Weight Master II. Its maximum weight is 440, keeps a more accurate track of ounces, displays BMI, has a weight change detection, keeps track of more members weight and is like a personal weight manager. I am deducting one star on my review because of the sensitive foot placement and consistency of recorded weight with the newest Ozeri scale. These are extremely nice, look like a real dial scale with added large digital numbers and stay illuminated an adequate amount of time. I will place these in the guest bathroom for overnight guest to have access to, and I will personally continue using the Ozeri Weight Master II. I received these for free in exchange for my review.


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