Another Great Artisan Roast by Koffee Kult-Columbian Huila


The Columbian Huila Coffee Beans from KoffeeKult is as described on the product description page. I think this is the third type of the roasted coffee beans I have purchased from KoffeeKult. Who could forget that spelling. I like the easy close zip front package on the 1 pound bag of roasted coffee beans. The roasted coffee bean is supper fresh and fragrant and even more fragrant with fresh grinding and brewing. I like to grind fresh coffee everyday. I like one cup black strong coffee in the morning and another refrigerator French press glass with flavoring in the evening after dinner. I love the name, the smell, the flavor and the resealable package. There is also a expired stamped date on the top of the bag. I never have to worry about the expiration date because I love strong coffee and go through it fast. Coffee is my vice. Check out and see all the artisan beans. I received this one pound bag at a discount for my review.




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