Tactical Flashlight With 5 Modes and Push/Pull Zoom

The Refun Tactical Flashlight is as described on the product description page. This came nicely packaged containing the flashlight, instructions, 2 types of battery holders, lanyard and warranty card. I was out of AAA batteries and had to make a trip to the store to get some. It also will take a 18650 battery that fits inside a plastic tube that was inserted. I went with the easily available AAA batteries. Got this all powered up with the installed batteries and it is pretty awesome for a compact light. It has a push button for the 5 lighting modes. The modes are high, medium and low white beam, as well as strobe and SOS. The power button also can be toggled to the different modes. This also has a push pull zoom. It remembers the previous mode when turning on the next time so be prepare to toggle through the light modes for the appropriate one. It is bright, has a large luminance and has several modes. I love that it has feet that protect the globe so it stands easily. It also has a nylon lanyard that attaches easily. I am always in need of handheld powerful flashlights. I use them everyday throughout my house as well as for outdoors. We live on a lake and have a dock, pontoon and kayaks and this light is great to throw in your waterproof bag in case you need light or help when boating and fishing. This Refun tactical light comes with a 1 year warranty. Great light for walking the dog, boating, taking out the trash, looking for something in the closet or pantry and lighting your every need. This easily fits in your pocket or purse. I received this portable flashlight at a discount for my review.




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