Bike, Stroller or Other Handlebar Smart Phone Mount from Smart Outlet

The Bike Phone mount is as described on the product description page. It had a broken piece when it arrived and the seller promptly sent me a replacement part. I put the thing together myself without the help of any printed or visual instruction. So everything about this was trial and error so I deducted one star from my review because of the lack of instructions. It was pretty easy to figure out. This seems to be a nice phone mount. It comes with metal mount brackets that have an allen wrench mount. A small allen wrench is included for installation as well as a few protective pads. I plan on using this one with a stroller. I’m not sure how much vibration this can handle for its advertised motorcycle mount. I like the way the sides slide out to accommodate the phone with a push of a button. After inserting phone you just push the sides back in and it firmly grips the phone. There is a black and red stretchy mount that is used for added peace of mind. I chose to use the red one. Mine iPhone 6 is in a soft protective case and the one I used for my video is my husbands phone. His is in an otter box so I wanted to know how it would fit. His iPhone with the otter box fit perfectly too. I really like this phone bike mount. It will work great on the stroller bar and give access to the phone while being safely cradled. I received this at a discount for my review.



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