Pink Giraffe Fitted Crib Sheets by Pretty Baby

The Pink Giraffe Fitted Crib Sheets by Pretty Baby is as described on the product description page. These arrived inside a see through plastic bag containing the sheets. This type of packaging is nice for gift presentation. These fitted sheets have a nice ½ elastic all the way around the sheets, not just in the corners. First thing I want to comment on is the giraffes on these. They are tints of pink giraffes with hearts all over these crib sheets. They are so adorable. They sheets are 100% cotton, super soft and very comfortable. I love natural fibers and all of the awesome characteristics they have. These cotton muslin sheets will just get better with use. The only recommendation is to hang dry. I think because of the elastic around the sheets. Heat will destroy the elasticity so I am thinking that is why they recommend no tumble drying. That might be a pain for some people. You could hang them from pants clothes hangers if you are not allowed to have a clothes line outside. These should dry quickly since they are thin and cotton. I like all of the products from Pretty Baby. All of the baby items are quality products and made well. These sheets stand up to the name. I received this crib sheet for free in exchange for my review.



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