Premium Vacuum Seal Bags

The Premium Vacuum Seal Bags are as described on the product description page. There are 15 assorted sizes in this set as stated in the description. This is the first time I have tried any type of vacuum sealed storage bags. I am in love, I love these bags. I used them yesterday to vacuum seal items that my niece received at a baby shower. My sister was taking them on the plane back to Naples, Florida where the new parents live. We were so pleased. We used a bag, filled it, sealed it, vacuumed it, inserted the cap and stood there in aw. It was about 3 inches too long to put in her suitcase. We opened the bag, pushed everything in a little bit and resealed. Wow, they are reusable. This is awesome to know if you are sealing bedspreads, quilts or even beach towels. We live on a lake and use tons of towels during the summer. It will be great to seal them for storage. My sister who helped me seal the baby shower gifts was so impressed she said “I would absolutely buy these.” Super easy to use and I am totally impressed with these bags. I received these bags at a discount in exchange for my review.



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