Green Superfood Powder by Natrogix

The Green Superfood powder is as described on the product description page. This is a plant based protein green superfood powder. Just mix one scoop in 8 ounces of water. I mixed mine with my normal morning smoothie. First thing I look at is the calories. This contains 30 calories per scoop which is low considering all of the 100% vitamin A you are getting with the Green Superfood Powder. The second thing I check is the protein and this contains 4 grams which is low. The protein is plant based which is good for vegetarians. This product is also free of gluten. The third thing I check is the sodium content which is low for this product. The other thing I am concerned with powders is the sugar content. This has no sugar but it does contain Stevia. I really don’t think we need to add any sweetener to products as it tricks your body thinking it is sweet. Hence, sugar cravings sometimes. Over all this is really a great way to get Vitamin A and C. There are other vitamins but not as much as A and C. I love that this product also has probiotic digestive enzymes and psyllium husk. Overall this is a great supplement that I only added to my morning smoothie. I tried one serving with water and it was tolerable but I prefer it mixed with my smoothie recipe. I use protein powder, a chocolate flavored nutrient support powder, flax seed, this green superfood, ½ frozen banana and a handful of frozen blueberries. This just adds extra supplementation to my morning beverage and is a great way to start my day. This is a supplement, not a substitute for nutritious foods. I received this for free in exchange for my review.


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