Penguin Tail by Slankii

IMG_4986[1]The Penguin tail cover by Blankii is as described on the product description page. There are so many mermaid tails out there that it’s time that other critters come on the scene. Oh my, this penguin tail is furry all over the outside and it is soft and furry on the inside too. This is made from furry fabric everywhere. I love all of the cuddle softness of this tail. This is made very well. It is sewn nicely and has a tight overcast inside seam. The end of the tail is open to insert your feet if you wanted to use move around to get something while you are in this tail. It is big enough for me to get into. From top to bottom this measures 57 inches long. I am an adult female and I can easily fit into this tail. What a fun furry tail blanket to insert your body into and relax and read a book, play a game or just watch television. The kids will absolutely love this soft blanket tail. Bonus is a small stuffed penguin to go with the bigger tail. I received this penguin tail cover at a discount for my review.

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