Lavender Soap Petals


The Mavogel Lavender Soap Petals are as described on the product description page. These came with 14 purple petals in a brown bag with a window on the front displaying the purple soap petals. I dissolved two into a bowl of water and they did melt, but really no lavender smell. The water does suds up like a bar of soap but my skin actually absorbed it very quickly and I was left with softened skin. I have to laugh at myself with the directions that were on the bag. The directions were not very specific. They stated to put 2 lavenders in 4 ounces of water and to dissolve 5-9 lavender in bath tub. I took those directions literally at what I read and actually used 2 of the whole lavender flowers, not the petals only into some water. These do make you skin soft from the essential oils, but really no relaxing lavender smell when dissolved in the water. If you are looking for a novel way to display some bath oils this would be a pretty way, but for aromatherapy purposes these fail to do that. I removed one star for bad printed directions that are easily misunderstood and another star because these have no smell out of the bag. I received these at a discount for my review

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