Anti-Tip Furniture Straps

The anti-tip furniture straps are as described on the product description page. There are 2 furniture straps in this anti-tip set. This is a long set containing 26 inches of strong nylon strap. The strap is attached and sewn securely through the metal mount. Each strap has a nice metal adjuster with several rows of teeth to hold the adjustment. All of the screws and washers are included with this kit. There’s everything you need for installations of these straps EXCEPT the instructions. I’m sure with only 3 holes in each mount that this can be figured out easily. I am looking for a PDF they probably sent me after purchasing, which is bad because people often overlook their e-mails and printed included instructions would be a plus. This is my second set of anti-tip straps I have received for my family. I have a new granddaughter in my family and I want to help baby/toddler/child proof her home living environment. Big bookcases, big flat screen televisions, wardrobes and other furniture should be securely anchored to prevent a horrible accident. This is true for anyone of any age really, as well as pets. I received these straps for free in exchange for my review.


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