Café de Loja Coffee Beans

The Café de Loja Coffee is as described on the product description page. The description page said this coffee was ranked very high in Ecuador. I was really looking forward to trying it. It is a small package containing 0.22 pounds of roasted 100% Arabica coffee beans. This coffee has all of the roast date, expiration date and the lot information stamped on the back of the package. There is not much information at all about the coffee on the labeling or package. Only says the product name, 100% Arabica Whole Bean Full City Roast, Premium, Cafecom and the word Ecuador. The package is a roll down re-sealable type package.

I love my coffee. I drink 2-3 servings of it daily. I want a strong, bold flavored coffee. I would consider this more of a wake up morning coffee or a coffee to be served with dessert. It has a mild flavor and leaves a nice after taste. Would be great for having with breakfast or dessert, so as not to overpower the flavors of the food being served. If you like mild coffee this is the roasted bean for you. Fresh ground beans and good filtered water are the keys to a great cup of coffee. I made this in my refrigerated French press where I used ½ Cup of the beans before grinding and also in my Keurig re-usable filter using 2 Tbl of the fresh ground coffee. I personally like a darker roast and bolder flavor in my coffee. I received this package at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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