Singing and Moving Bird Statue


Singing birds are as described on the product description page. This has to carefully be put together. Install of 3 AA batteries (not included), installing the birds to the branches of the tree and installing the tail feathers. All were easy to do. The battery compartment is suppose to have a screw to lock shut and mine was missing when I went to install the battery. These birds are fun to watch and listen to. One sings and then the other sings the same tune. Sometime they sing together. They look like parakeets, but sing all sorts of songbird songs. I find that funny. There is a small storage basket and there is also a small drawer in the front that would hold hair ties or other items. Easy to turn off and on by pressing the rock on the plastic base. The whole thing is plastic but it is painted nicely. I plan on giving this to my granddaughter. I thought it would be a fun activity for her older brothers to do with her. Fun to listen to and watch. The birds move their beaks, heads, wings and tail feathers. It is very cute and will look nice on a tabletop in her room. Her nickname is Bird so I found this singing/moving statue appropriate. I reviewed this at a discount for my review.




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