The Stunt Master car is as described on the product description page. This came in a nice box containing the stunt master car, car battery and charger, remote and remote battery. It didn’t come with any directions. This little car is awesome and fast. It will be so much fun for kids to play with. I love all of the lights. I like that the car has a rechargeable battery. I find it a bit hard to re-charge. The battery pack must be removed from the car to charge it. The charge is suppose to last 10 hours on this car which is quite a long time considering how fast and powerful it is. I was filming it from my bedroom upstairs and it went under the railing, down the stairs and survived like it was built for that. It has 4 awesome big tires that really protect the housing on the Stunt Master. Kids will have a blast with this stunt master. When it flips over, you must remember to reverse the remote for correct control. Kids will pick this up and be expert in no time. I have played with it for days and still need tons of practice. This would be great for ramps and all sorts of outdoor stunts. Inside the house just doesn’t do the Stunt Master justice. It needs room to flip, climb, circle and go fast to really show its true power. I received this at a discount for my review.


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