Cymas Outdoor Solar Powered String Lights

The Cymas outdoor solar powered string lights are as described on the product description page. These are powered from a solar panel that attaches to a stake. You can put the stake in a plant or directly in the ground. These are really cool. They are just small crystal looking balls that really add to the ambiance of wherever you choose to use them. You can drape them over a fence, from a tree, attached to deck or on plants. These are so cool. These can be turned off and on when you want. At first I thought something was wrong with these lights. We have had rainy weather and I contacted the seller telling them they wouldn’t turn on. I believe they have a sensor and will only turn on at night. My husband went to the back yard a few nights ago and told me to come look. They were out there flashing. So the lights are PERFECT and DO have a sensor on them to only turn on when it is actually dark outside. I love that. These can manually be turned off and on or to solid soft light or flashing lights. There are 30 of these small bulb lights on a 20 feet of wire, all powered with the solar powered charger. I was provided this item for free to test in exchange for my honest review.

Available on Amazon:

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