Spiral Vegetable Cutter VS-5 by ZestKit

The ZestKit Spiral Vegetable Cutter VS-5 is as described on the product description page. This is the BEST portable spiral vegetable cutters I have ever used. Oh my it was so easy to use. It is awesome. I think the 5 must stand for how many parts to this cutter. There are 3 types of blades, a handle and the big holder with super suction bottom. Once locked down this thing didn’t budge. I am super excited and thrilled that this worked so well. I recorded the video the very first time I tried this cutter. It is very similar to the attachment that I got this past Valentines day for myself from my husband, but so much easier to set up and quieter. No, I’m not doing away with my attachment, but just trying to make a fair comparison. This weekend or next week I will use it with some cabbage that I have and see how it does. It looks like it will be easy. The only critical thing I can say about this is that it doesn’t neatly fall into the bowl. No big deal, since it sits so low to the counter and could easily be used onto a piece of parchment, wax paper or even a paper towel. I love this and highly recommend it if you are looking to spiralize your vegetables. I like to make up spiralized zucchini and sweet potatoes to have in the fridge for easy meal preparation. There are so many fruits and vegetables that you can use with this portable cutter/ spiralizer/shredder. I washed mine by hand, but it is top shelf dishwasher safe. This is the best portable one I have ever used. Perk up your meals and boost your vegetable consumption with this unit. You won’t be disappointed. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

Available on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HFYZUX0/


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