Weight Master Scales by Ozeri


The Weight Master Scales by Ozeri are as described on the product description page. These are very nice scales. I entered my information into the scales and have been using them for the past week. It is so cool what these scales can do. When you weigh, it remembers YOU and tells you if you gain or have lost since the last time you weighed. It shows this information with colors too. RED if you gained and GREEN if you have lost. It also give you a digital BMI or body mass index. It can store up to 30 weights per person. This scale weighs up to 440 pounds and has auto recognition intelligence for your weight. I only have entered mine and my husbands information into our scales, but you are able to enter 8 different profiles. With all of the salty food from a picnic weekend the scales show a weight gain. The first few days it showed a loss. I prefer the green display. I NORMALLY weigh myself first thing every morning. If you are trying to gain, lose or maintain weight, these scales keep track of that for you. Once you learn the codes it is easy to see the progress since the last time you weighed. The codes are as follows:
L1=the last weight
L3=the last 3 weights (days)
L7=the past 7 weights (one week)
L30 and the last 30 days (month).
Each code is displayed on the large screen for 4 seconds. Remember the colors BLUE for todays weight, RED for weight gain and GREEN for weight loss. These “memory” scales run off of 2 lithium batteries and the unit of measurement can be displayed either in pounds or kilograms for your personal preference. These came with the batteries already installed and with a nice instruction manual in most languages. I received these Weight Masters Scales by Ozeri complimentary in exchange for my honest review.

Available on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00J46SX5U


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