Dennov Rechargeable Camping Lantern

The Rechargeable Glare Camping Lantern from Dennov is as described on the product description page. This came in a nice sturdy box containing the light, USB charger and instructions. I immediately unpacked and plugged this in to my computer to charge. It has two ports. One for charging the rechargeable battery and the other can be used as a charging port for other portable devices. That is SUPER cool. Especially if you are using your phone a lot to play music and the sorts. The cord is one of the shorter ones which I really hate. This light is tiny but powerful. This lantern has a high, low and strobe. We are not campers, but we do spend many evening out on our pontoon. We live on a lake, with a dock and pontoon right outside our back door. This will come in so handy to use when we are heading to the dock or boat in the evening. It will also be great to hang from the bimini once we are on the boat. It has a handy plastic stand/hanger attached to it. This light will get lots of use by us. I love that the charge last 13.3 hours. I love that it can sit flat or hang from it’s attached hook. I really love the size. This is small enough to put in your pocket, fanny pack, purse or beach bag. This would be great for evening wine and cheese in the park, boating, hiking, camping, etc. I love everything about this Rechargeable Lantern except the short charging cable. I received this at a discount for my honest review.

Available on Amazon

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