Little Girls Makeup Set

The Makeup Set for little girls is as described on the product description page. This arrived inside a box that looked like it had really gone through the ringer. The box was smashed and had tape holding it together. Inside the box was this cute make up set. First thing I had to do was to wipe off the powdered makeup that was all over the outside of the case. One of the eye shadows had broken and chipped off and the gold glittery powder was on the outside and inside of the case. Not much broke off from the case, but enough to make a mess.

After wiping the case with a dampened paper towel I was so pleased with all of the shimmer of these powders. There is a mirror with a protective covering that need to be removed to reveal the shiny mirror underneath. There are 8 glitter eye shadows and 4 glitter blushes when you open the case. There are 2 slide out compartment that contains 4 more eye shadows and three lip glosses on each slide out compartment. There are three applicator wands with this set. One for each layer of makeup. It doesn’t have a blush brush. This is a very compact set with a lot of makeup. This make up set will delight any young girl. I plan on giving this to my granddaughter that will turn 8 years old in just a month. She will love it. I received this makeup set for free in exchange for my honest review.


Available on Amazon


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