Large Multipurpose Herb Grinder

The aluminum herb grinder from JC Easy is as described on the product description page. This grinder is a four piece grinder. The five piece sections include the magnetic lid, grinder, storage area for the ground herb, scraper and pollen catcher. It is a black grinder with clear storage window and a magnetic lid with the JC Easy logo on it. I like this grinder. Herb grinders not only are good for preparing and cooking food, they are great with natural medicine too. The grinder extracts the smallest of essence in the herbs. I will use it a lot this fall and winter to grind this years dried harvest as needed. I really don’t think herbs with seed will work with this grinder. It will do an awesome job of grinding the leaves, but the seeds will fall through the holes. This herb grinder comes with a cloth storage drawstring bag. I reached out to the seller about the large holes and it was suggested to put the grinder together differently so the seeds don’t fall through. I don’t have the herbs ready to try that yet, but just my personal first look observation. I cant get it to go together differently. Its pretty cool that the pollen catcher unscrews for cleaning. This came with a pollen scraper and storage bag. I received this JC Easy grinder at a discount for my review.

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