3 in 1 Arthritis Pack


The 3 in 1 Arthritis pack from Great Thinking Products is as described on the product description page. I purchased this pack specifically for the jar opener. I had a jar opener and one evening when my son and his wife were over for dinner my son used it on a hard to open jar and fell in love. Of course I wasn’t going to give him my only one but told him if I ever got another one I would give it to him. I had the opportunity to review this set and liked all of the items. The opener had a strong smell upon opening and I had to let it air out before I washed it. I love the pencil grips that came with the set. It came with 6 different colored grips. It’s weird but no matter how you pick up the pen or pencil it feels good with the grip. These would also work on some paintbrushes and crayons. I have never used a dressing aid, but it is nice to have the small one in the kit for those that have trouble buttoning their shirt. I received this 3 piece arthritis bundle at a discount for my honest review.

Available on Amazon:     https://www.amazon.com/GTP-Rheumatoid-Arthritis-Products-Disability/dp/B01ESSJWTE


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