Aromatherapy Bracelet or Choker

The Aromatherapy Bracelet by Denee is as described on the product description page.
It is a long leather adjustable bracelet for sure. Long enough to wrap around my wrist twice. It can also be worn as a choker if wanted. This came in a presentable gift giving box which contained the bracelet and 6 colored disks where you add the oil. The back of the silver colored holder is solid so you are less prone to get essential oil on your clothing. The front face just screws off for access to the scent pads. This is very cute and with the black leather band and silver colored metal can be worn with most outfits. There are cute moving double leather strips that hold the excess adjustable leather band. I think it is adorable. I will wear this a few times and then think about giving it to my adult daughter. She is a full time mom that has a full time job. Everything with her is full time and I think wearing a relaxing essential oil or blend would be beneficial for her. She is just getting into the essential oils and will love wearing this bracelet/choker. I received this at a discount for my honest review.

Available on Amazon:

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