Sugar Free Breath Mints


The Epic Sugar Free Mints are as described on the description page. These tins of mints arrive as a package of 5. Each tin holds .30 grams of little round peppermints. I love having a mint handy in my car console, my purse or even my pocket. I drink coffee, both hot and cold and know that coffee can give your some powerful coffee breath. These little mints are a bit smaller than a regular sized aspirin. They can be sucked on, or are soft enough to bite. They remind me of a very popular mint that comes in a much larger red and white tin. I love the size of this tin. These came with a safety wrap for consumer protection and when I removed it I immediately could smell the peppermints. These are wonderful tasting, strong and sugar free. They contain 100% Xylitol sweetener. No worries about sugar sitting on your teeth causing havoc. These leave my mouth refreshed without an awful aftertaste. I received these 5 tins of sugar free peppermint at a discount for my honest review.

Available on Amazon

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