Collapsible Omni Directional LED Light Small Collapsible Battery Operated Lantern

The outdoor collapsible lantern is as described on the product description page. This little lantern runs off of 3 AA batteries which were included with the product. They were already installed in the lantern and only required me to remove the insulation clear plastic strip that was preventing the batteries from making contact during shipment in the battery compartment. This lantern uses the latest technologies known as Omni-directional LED lighting. It’s actually LED beam lighting without black spots. This makes it great for tabletops where you need light on your work space. Cool light that will come in handy when we have to walk down to the dock at night or during electrical outages. I live in the Midwest United States and we are prone to all sorts of bad weather. We get ice, snow, high winds and tornados. We often are required to take shelter in our safe spot in our home during extreme weather conditions. My safe spot happens to be in a little enclosed area under our entry steps. This battery operated lantern will come in mighty handy during this situation. Just need to make sure I have extra batteries with my emergency supplies. This bright collapsible Omni directional LED lantern would be perfect for camping, fishing, lounging on the deck at night and during emergencies. It has convenient carrying or hanging metal handles. I was provided one of the collapsible lanterns to review and test for free in exchange for my honest review.

Available on Amazon:


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