Santalum Album (Indian Sandalwood) by Majestic Pure

The Sandalwood Oil by Majestic Pure is as described on the product description page. I love the smell of Sandalwood. This one arrived in a box with all of the Majestic Pure information on it. The box was sealed at both ends with a tamper sticker. Inside was the 1 ounce sealed Sandalwood oil. This type of Sandalwood oil is the Indian type known as Santalum Album. It is one of the most sought after and expensive essential oils. It has a woodsy, yet sweet smell to it. Not only does it smell amazing, it has many healing properties. It is good for boosting memory, relaxing and de-stressing, as an astringent, expectorant and aphrodisiac. Yes, great to use in massage oils to relax and excite your partner when massaged with a carrier oil like Almond oil. I like that it can be applied directly on the pulse points, inhaled from a cotton ball, used on firewood, used in diffusers, hot tubs, foot baths and used to make your own body butters. It is an amazing oil with so many uses. This small bottle is fresh and has an expiration date on it several years away. Like it’s going to last that long. It’s also 100% pure I need to buy this stuff in a huge bottle. It comes with a eyedropper applicator for ease in using. Great essential oil to have for the beginner as well as the experienced oil enthusiast. I received this at a discount in exchange for my review.

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