Quality 12 Inch Stainless Steel Tongs by Qualitas

The Tongs by Qualitas are as described on the product description page. These arrived nicely sealed inside a plastic bag containing a drawstring storage bag and the nice long tongs. The storage bag is not made to last very long. It doesn’t have a finished inside seam so it is prone to tearing, pulling apart and raveling. If you like the bag and want to actually use it for storage, I suggest finishing the edges quickly with a zig zag stitch, an overcast surge or a pinked with shears finish. I plan on locking mine down and just storing out of the bag in one of my long utensil drawer.

I am constantly grabbing a pair of tongs for cooking, as well as for a serving utensil. It is a nice long size, with a little weight to it for big platters of fruit, fruit from the rind, salads, or large pieces of meat. This tong measure 12” and is made from stainless steel. These tongs have silicone tips making them safe for all cookware. They also have a nice silicone grip making them non slip. I like that they are able to lock shut for ease in storage with an easy in/out lock on the end of the tongs. This lock also contains a silicone circle for hanging storage. These are a foot long, making them great for a hot grill or smoker. They can withstand temperature up to 480 degrees. I have been known to use my heat resistant tong to move stuff in the oven for even cooking.

One thing I dislike about these are the open groves on the inside of the tongs. I am a retire Home Economics Instructor and I always warned the students about tongs used when pan frying, deep frying or when using a hot liquid in braising and stocks. If they were making egg rolls, onion rings or wontons and had to flip the items, I warned them about this type of design. The extremely hot grease could travel up the inside of the tongs resulting in a burn. As long as the user is aware to keep the tongs in a downward position while using to fry or in other hot liquid (soups and broths) then these are fine to use. Just stay on your toes with safety.

These are excellent quality home use tong, with lock, silicone handle and tips, heat resistant and dishwasher safe. I would recommend these to a consumer. Safety first. I received these tongs by Qualitas at a discount for my review.

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