Faux Alligator Finger Cigar Case By Useful Thingy

The Cigar Case by Useful Thingy is as described on the product description page. This arrived nicely packaged with cardboard cigars inside the case keeping the 3 fingered spots in tip top condition. I removed the cardboard cigars so the this faux alligator leather could air out a bit. It had a strong odor to it when I first opened it. This is a two piece faux brown alligator leather case that is nicely finished and sewn around the edges. Very nice looking case. It must be heat shaped for the 3 storage compartment on the internal piece making it a fingered case. The case does what is suppose to do. It protects and holds cigars. It prevents the cigars from physical damage and from drying out during short time storage. The cover contains an external sewn on pouch which holds a stainless steel cigar cutter. A cutter is a must have tool for premium hand rolled cigars. This one is a stainless steel one that arrived sharp and conveniently located on the outside of the case. This looks great and does what it is made to do, hold and protect 3 cigars. I’m not a cigar smoker and neither is my husband, but my adult professional nephew likes to indulge in a great cigar day every now and then. I plan on giving this to him as a present for the birth of his baby girl this Fall. Filled with 3 cigars for sure. He will look so distinguished standing with his new cigar case. This would make a wonderful gift to anyone that is an occasional cigar smoker that needs a days storage. Not much bigger than a glass case so transporting them is easy in your briefcase or pocket. I received this cigar case for free in exchange for my honest review.

Available on Amazon

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