2 Rubber Door Stops by SofiHome


The Rubber Door Stops by SofiHome is as described on the product description page. These came with 2 door stoppers and 2 adhesive holders. I doubt I will use the adhesive holders since we just kick them aside when not in use. We live in the Midwest and have a short period of time between furnace and air conditioner weather. I like to open up the windows and doors and turn on the attic fan. Well, when that happens, sometimes doors slam or other open. I know it is strange that doors open, but they do. It is amazing the power of suction and attic fans. These graduated incline doorstops do the job of keeping doors ajar a little, totally opened and even strange as it sounds keeps them shut. I can attest that it works on tile, carpet and wood. I can see where the holder would come in handy to mount either on the back of the door or nearby. I prefer to use seasonally and store in a hall closet when out of season. I received this package of 2 doorstops with adhesive holder from SofiHome for free in exchange for my review.

Available on Amazon

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