Argan Oil Conditioner by Earth Botanicals


The Earth Botanicals Argan Oil Conditioner is as described on the product description page. This is a great conditioner. It really made my hair soft, hydrated and manageable. I like the flip top lid on this conditioner for ease in application. The fragrance is nice and not overpowering. I also love that this is suitable for color treated hair and all sorts of hair types. I would like to address a problem I have. The bottle had a sticker that contains the USP code stuck to the bottle where the ingredients are listed. It’s not an easy sticker to remove, so I stopped trying because I didn’t want to damage my finger nails. I don’t like stickers on the bottles that I keep in the shower. Who needs that washing off into the stall and shower drain. Aside from the sticker on the bottle, this is a wonderful restorative conditioner. Great conditioner for any hair type, even colored. I love that it is phosphate and paraben free. I received this conditioner at a discount for my honest review.

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