Earth Botanicals Restorative Shampoo with Argan


The Earth Botanicals Restorative Shampoo is as described on the product description page. The first thing I would like to address on this shampoo is the sticker that contains the UPC code is stuck to the bottle where the ingredients are listed. It is not an easy sticker to remove, so I stopped trying because I didn’t want to damage my finger nails. With that being said I can go on to tell you about the Earth Shampoo. I comes in a black and gold 8 oz bottle with a flip top lid for easy of dispensing. It’s safe for color treated hair. It is also free of phosphates and parabens. The shampoo seems very thin and almost watered down. I actually had to add another small palm of it to my hair and I have short shoulder length hair. It Smells nice and leaves my hair soft, hydrated and manageable. Just not a lot of suds, which I knotted my hair a bit when trying to shampoo without much suds.

Of course I used this Earth Botanicals with the coordinating conditioner for the best possible result from the restorative products. The two s LOOK the same, except for the written words making it hard to distinguish between the shampoo and conditioner when your eyes are possibly wet. It is very low lathering while shampooing but leaves my hair nicely hydrated, clean, smooth appearance after styling. Almost too much of a smooth appearance, but it is summer and we have the air conditioning running. This might end up being my fall winter shampoo because it is so hydrating. I received this at a discount for my honest review.

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