Make-Up Remover by ArtNaturals

The ArtNaturals make-up remover is as described on the product description page. This came nicely sealed and wrapped so there was no leakage. The top has squirt type applicator where you remove the lid and just squirt out what you need onto a cotton swab to remove your make-up. I got this to use with my waterproof mascara that I wear to wedding and funerals where I know there are going to be tears. This make-up remover does a great job of removing all make-up. I love everything about ArtNatural products. When you find a good name in anything you should stick with the product. Could be spaghetti sauce, bar soap or make-up. The philosophy behind ArtNaturals is awesome and so are the products I have tried from them. Any teen or lady would love this make up remover. It is gentle, doesn’t have any scent to it really and is not greasy at all. I love that it is made in the USA. I received this make-up remover for a discount in exchange for my review.

Available on Amazon

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