Magnetic Kitchen Shears

The Magnetic Kitchen shears by QwelKit are as described on the product description page. These came in a cardboard box containing the kitchen shears and its protective plastic/magnetic protective cover. This cover has 2 round magnets that stick really well to the scissors but not a really good magnetic field on the refrigerator. I use shears for everything from opening packages to cutting poultry bones. These are going to be mine and mine only. I need a pair of “Kitchen Shears” that have never seen cardboard or hard shell plastic. This is my answer. These are sharp, magnetic, have soft grip handles, a bottle opener/nut cracker and come pre-lubricated. I am having difficulty with one of the round plastic parts that keeps popping off. I might end up having to use glue on it. These would make a wonderful housewarming gift or gift for any cook. I received these at a discount for my review.

Available on Amazon

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