Non-skid Toddler Socks


The Newborn socks are as described on the product description page EXCEPT for the sizing. They arrived inside a cellophane package that contained 5 randomly picked individual packages. They are cute ankle socks with non-slip bottoms. Each one is brightly colored and have a cute cartoon animals on the toe with a lace style ankle. They comes with a little drawstring bag containing a thank you. Not quiet sure what to think of how long they will last, but definitely need to launder inside of a mesh laundry bag because they are so small. These are not newborn size age 0-2. More like a toddler sock and I don’t have any toddlers to try them on for size. I have school age kids and a newborn. I can update next summer when she will be big enough to wear these. They should come in handy when she is learning to walk if they will stay on her typical chubby toddler feet. These would make a nice present for a little girl just beware of the sizing. I purchased the 0-2 newborn size and they will fit a toddler. I received these 5 pair of non-slip ankle socks for free in exchange for my honest review.

Available on Amazon

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