Pebblebee STONE Multifunction Button with ENDLESS possibilities


The Stone by Pebblebee is as described on the product description page. It came in a black drawstring pouch with the Pebblebee logo on it. Inside the pouch were the instructions, the stone and a Pebblebee sticker. “You must use with a Smartphone to use your stone, otherwise it is just a rock.” Yes that is right, you must have a Smartphone with Bluetooth turned on to use this stone. After unwrapping and reading the directions I downloaded the Stone app to my iPhone. Once I opened it and pushed my stone to activate, I couldn’t move around on the page. Odd, so I went to Google and watched a few YouTube videos. Got it all activated to the best of my tech ability and programmed with a few channels to create recipes. To really take advantage of all that the stone has to offer, you really need to spend time to acquaint yourself with all the things it can do and the apps that it uses.
The stone Is a Bluetooth tracking device and a short cut multifunction smart button for your phone and SO MUCH more. It also has the ability to:
Connect your home-if you are tech updated and have a smart home you can control your lights, thermostat, program coffee maker, set up internet printer to print from phone, alarm the alarm system, irrigation, etc from your Stone.
Be more productive-faster scheduling, team reminders, catalog important E-mail to Evernote, to do list, sync across the cloud,
Stay healthy-fitness schedules, track workouts , reach fitness goals, sleep schedule
Keep in touch-send a love tap, tweet photos you post on Instagram
News alerts
I already have a Tile just to keep track of my phone and keys. This stone is so much more. It’s a smart button for your phone. It’s a gps tracking system, as well as a your own personal assistant at the click of a button. You can also install new batteries when the old ones die. The battery life expectancy is 4 months to 1 year depending on use. You choose different actions with the preset modes or create new ones on IFTTT. It is really mind boggling. It will take me forever to really access some of the things this can do. You can find phone easily even when phone is silenced (just needs Bluetooth on), snap pics from across the room or use one of your selected recipes to do endless things. I am overwhelmed and will purchase these for my adult children for Christmas instead of getting more Tiles. The stone would make great gifts for anyone that has a smart phone. The STONE is the FUTURE. I remember watching the Jetsons as a young girl thinking all the technology was cool and so far away into the future. We have arrived to some point. The Stone is AWESOME and I have so much more to learn about it and with it. There is a one year warranty on this Stone and batteries are fairly cheap. I received this Pebblebee Stone at a discount for my honest review.

Available on Amazon

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