Telescopic 32″ Rods in large zippered storage bag by Marwokitchen


The Marshmallow Roasting Sticks from Marwokitchen are as described on the product description page. Theses came in a nice canvas zippered storage bag containing the 8 telescopic sticks with wooden handles and 10 disposable bamboos skewers. The handles on these telescopic sticks are wood with a colored plastic band on the end. These are double sticks so you are able to cook twice as much. I like that these are not sharp like my other sets. I have a set of telescopic sticks that my adult children borrow when they are having a pit fire. Now I must decide to gift these or hang on to them and gift my old set that they have constantly used. Decisions, decisions. These would make a great housewarming, wedding or a gift to one’s self if you love to roast food over a fire. Trees can only be so giving and you really can’t reuse the sticks again. I love that these are telescopic, portable as well as loanable and wash up easily. I sure do enjoy the evenings where we all gather around and roast, eat and chat. I received these at a discount for my honest review.

Available on Amazon


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